Louisville Slugger MLB Hybrid Composite Bat

A very special “Thank You” goes out to Chad Posey from the Hanau Blackwings who wrote this precise review of following  Bat:

Louisville Slugger Hybrid Composite Bat

“The first game experience was unbelievable the pop in the bat was just amazing!

Pop- 10 out of 10 The Louisville Slugger MLB Hybrid Composite Bat has great pop and has been very durable.

I would suggest if any beginners us this bat that they mark the sweet spot on the bat for use.

But I have hit the ball off the mark and as well as inside pitches and the bat is still in great condition.

Feel and Look:  Even more amazing with the Lizard skin bat grip 0.5mm.

Holz und Composite Baseballschläger
Louisville Slugger MLB Hybrid

The sweet spot on this bat is extended a bit to where it is larger than a normal wooden bat!

The Bat is light but can do some serious damage if you hit the ball right which is the same with aluminum or composite bats.

The handle and grip without tape is also ok it was nice right out of the box!

I would suggest this bat to anyone of any age because this composite Hybrid bat is built to last!!

Kind regards,
Richard-Chad Posey

Hanau Black-Wings”

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