9 big reasons why baseball is better than any other sport

Baseball is a funny sport. No doubt about it there is no other game quite like it.

9 reasons why baseball is better than any other sport

  • It´s the only sport in which the defense controls the ball
  • There is no goal or net involved
(Base) Stealing is allowed
  • You can spit everywhere but not on the ball
  • It is the only sport where you can fail two thirds of the time and still be very successfull i.e. hitting
  • It is legal to steal
  • The manager and coaches wear the same uniforms as the players do
  • The fans sing a song  called “take me out to the ballgame” even though they are already there
  • The ball can be caught outside of the field boundaries
  • There is a hill in the middle of the field from which one player dominates the game

If after reading this you´re in the mood to hit some bombs or play catch with your friends or family, head out to the nearest park and get going.  If you need some baseball equipment to do it then go to our store and have a look.

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